Coral reefs are an incredibly valuable natural resource, and increasing mass bleaching events are negatively impacting marine and human communities alike

Climate change has been a long discussed issue for decades now — so much to the point that many people feel somewhat detached and desensitized to the topic despite having to endure the consequences. Coral reef bleaching is only one of the devastating results of climate change, and it is one that we must address with urgency.

Coral reefs are commonly referred to as the ‘rainforests of the ocean’ as they harbor a substantial amount of diversity in marine life. Prior to the 1970s, there was little to no monitoring of the world’s coral reefs, and the first recorded effects…

Climate change is a growing issue in this world, but you can be a part of fighting it.

Over the past four decades, an alarming phenomenon has been sweeping across one of our world’s most biodiverse ecosystems. Coral reefs from the Florida Keys to those of the Pacific Ocean have been subject to coral bleaching, a process in which a rise in oceanic temperatures causes stressed coral polyps to expel their algae and in turn, transform into a sea of stark white. From there, coral becomes much more vulnerable to disease and death, which then leads to a depletion of natural resources for reef inhabitants, a decline in species diversity and ultimately, the undoing of many marine communities…

When it comes to major environmental issues such as climate change, why is there a lack of exigency in attitudes toward making positive progress?


The impending consequences of climate change have been on my radar, along with a majority of the world’s population’s, for a significant amount of time. It’s something that’s been named as a global concern for several decades, and most people are aware of the declining state of our planet ever since hearing it mentioned at some point growing up, whether it was from elementary school science or the national news. Coral reef bleaching, only one of many resulting effects of climate change, was introduced to me as an alarming phenomenon in several nature documentaries and thus, caught my attention as…

Annabelle Y Wu

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